Hello! I am Maria, simulated reality developer, artist and award-winning game designer based in Brooklyn, New York. I also teach and give talks sometimes. 


I have co-founded Synesthetic Echo, a design micro studio focused on on creating interactive experiences for emerging technology. We recently shipped Bizarre Barber, a VR game about cutting hair after the apocalypse and made an online course about fun real-time workflows in Houdini. Currently we are very into innovative VR design for training and education, procedural art pipelines and synesthetic digital toys.

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I am available for public speaking (remote and in-person) and guest lectures about  Game Design, Virtual Reality, Technical Art for games and interactive experiences. Below are some examples of my recorded talks.

    frequently asked questions about speaking:

Will you require speaker fees?  – Yes, especially if you are a for-profit organization. My fees are very affordable.

Will you require us to cover the travel and accommodation if we want you to participate in our in-person event? – Yes.

Can you find me other speakers to “diversify” my tech panel? – No ♥.

How can we book you? – Send me a message through the form below, with your dates, topics you’d want me to cover and logistics. I read all the messages and respond promptly.




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